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There are certain members of society who are painters, sculptors, and writers – to a degree. Scott Edelstein is quoted as saying “Anyone who writes is a writer.” Did you ever notice your mother or father always making lists that seem to take forever? Did you see how subtly those lists end up requiring a ringed notebook that gets put away in the bedroom each time after they are done? Some women start young – as girls writing in diaries about all sorts of things not meant for other eyes to ever read – trust me on that! When I was a boy, if you got caught writing in a diary – or journal to make it sound more manly – you would get your butt kicked. I would say, “but I digress”, but I can’t stand that expression!

I have to say, thinking back to when I was young, I can’t remember anyone – boy or girl – ever saying they wanted to be a writer when they finished school. There were probably several, but most likely never considered it as a wise career choice. Financially speaking – unless they were convinced they were going to be the next Steven King or J.K. Rowling – that was probably a wise choice. At least that’s what 99 out of 100 parents would have said.

So, who agrees with, Mr. Edelstein, that anyone who writes is a writer? I’ve published two books now, with one waiting in the wings, and I still have a hard time referring to myself as a writer. I’ve said this many times, but from my own experience – if you ever want to clear a room to the sound of crickets afterwards – tell people you write poetry. Are people who just write poetry writers? Or those who just write quotes, haikus, or prose – are they writers? Or do you have to make money from writing in order to call yourself a writer? While I may have my own insecurities about being a writer, I compare it to stage fright. I can now say I am a writer. But could I have said that before I was published? Please, tell me your feelings on the matter.

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