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The World We Live In

Did anyone read the news recently about the things social media companies do or don’t do in the name of profits? It goes from disheartening to downright sickening! I have to use this world of social media in order to try and sell my books. However, if I wish to express my opinion about some of those huge oversights resulting in people getting hurt, or worse, I have to say it in less that 100 characters and submit it to the netherworld of the internet to then be told, “thank you for your feedback.” We are all aware of what happens, but are you willing to say, “I’m not using these products any longer until they address and resolve these issues.”? Are your convictions bigger than the hold social media has over some of us? Please, tell me what you think would be some possible solutions. I would like to hear what you have to say. Thank you in advance for your response.

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