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Realities Worth Awareness

Indie Authors is the title they assign to writers who self-publish themselves or in my case, have a publishing company do the work for them, hopefully guaranteeing a professional result. The Indie (independent) title doesn’t help these writers make it into the mainstream because of prejudice caused by vanity publishers, who will publish any piece of shit that pays them. When you’ve just paid $1,200 for a manuscript evaluation long before publishing and the publisher indicates how much work it needs before they will consider publishing it, gives you a clear indication they are for real. They are still – morals and ethics included – a service based company. It is extremely important for an aspiring author to understand what that means – entirely.

So, the most important lesson I’ve learned about this business to date, is that it’s an extremely difficult world to be successful in. To achieve any success requires endless pursuits of agents, publishers, and a constant presence on social media, including contests and reviews. And none of that guarantees any success. Sometimes it’s just a case of right place, right time.

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