Not long now! Launching in three, two, one...

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

Well, we're only three days out from the release of my first book, Able Hands, and I have to admit, I'm equal parts nervous and excited!

I've been spending most of my time working on the sequel, but I realized recently that I really needed to devote more time to marketing, so I've taken some steps this week. On Monday morning I went to see Wilma Lopes, the manager of Cole's Bookstore in Simcoe. I was hoping she would be able to advise me on a few things related to the launch, and she did not disappoint! She was very helpful and even excited for me.

Wilma kindly offered to help set me up with readings and signings at the store or the local library or possibly both. She has also given me the names of a couple local authors to contact to discuss their process. One of those authors lives here in my small town of Waterford.

As I mentioned earlier, most of my time recently has been spent writing the next book. It's going well. I'm somewhere between a third to halfway finished. It's longer and more complicated than the first book, and it introduces a lot of new characters, so I'm fairly optimistic.

To pre-order Able Hands, please visit my author page on the Iguana Books website and choose from among several online book sellers. You have a choice of print or ebook, and can purchase from,, Chapters Indigo (though they don't have my link up quite yet), or Barnes & Noble.

Last but not least, here is a new version of my book video, minus the music, which will be added soon. Hope you enjoy this sneak peek!

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