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Jacob O’Connell just wants a simple life: a career he can enjoy, a wife, kids, and a home of their own. As he closes in on these modest goals, significant time lapses begin to develop in his memory, forcing him onto a precarious search for answers about the many mysteries behind who he really is, including the wondrous yet frightening truth of his hidden abilities.

But nothing is easy, and Jacob and his wife Sara will soon become aware of a formidable enemy — a malignancy that has been lurking in the shadows of their lives for years without their knowledge. As a supernatural force slowly reveals itself through the fog of Jacob’s blocked memories, Jacob must confront this enemy or leave everyone he loves at risk.

A thriller with supernatural elements by an exciting new voice in Canadian genre fiction, Able Hands takes readers on a wild ride full of unexpected twists and profound discoveries about good and evil.

Purchase a print copy of Able Hands here.

Purchase the ebook for Kobo here.

View the book trailer for Able Hands here.

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